Site Maintenance

To maintain safe operation, it is necessary to continually update the web page engine, extensions, and other plug-ins. It is important to keep the various security solutions up-to-date and ensure constant protection of your site against intruders, unwanted advertising and other unpleasant surprises. It’s a good idea to maintain a secured channel between the visitors’ browser and the site hosting. By regularly saving your site’s content and its associated database, you can reset the website for a possible attack, virus or any failure.

Maintaining the content of the website is important to you and to your visitors as well. Except for the texts, images, videos, etc. that are displayed, it also includes the conversion, extension and modernisation of the web site. Not to mention about the latest regulations and policies.

The web sites and web shops by our company, thanks to the content management system, are freely editable for our customers after the completion of work.

We will never leave our clients alone without support. With regard to any task, our company is at your service, whether it is occasional or regular site maintenance.

How much does it cost and what it contains?

  • Change design elements
  • Edit and upload images
  • Writing and updating
  • Programming tasks
  • Graphic tasks
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Upload search engine optimized content
  • Technical examination
  • Yearly site hosting
  • SSL certificate renewal*
  • Domain name renewal*

For customers who regularly want to use site maintenance, they can purchase a monthly/semi-annual/annual subscription service package. Site Maintenance subscriber requests are prioritised and maintenance fees are also more favourable.

*only available if purchased by C Site Lab

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