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Website Design

Each of our web sites can be further developed, modified and expanded with new features as needed.
We will stand by you with our Site Maintenance program, so you can be sure that your site will function perfectly and will be updated continuously by us…. not to mention that it will be amazing!

The Soul of the design

Graphic design is the heart of most visual appearance. In a catalogue, in spite of the beautifully photographed images, the graphic design is not thoughtful and aesthetic. A business card, or even a webpage, is more easily lost amongst others if you don’t grasp the gaze.

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About Us.

A short faq about us...

A: This is a complex question and generally it depends on the clients needs, so we can turn them into a great site. However a responsive site is key to catching new and maintaining customers. Nobody wants a boring site. Readability is also a very high factor on making a website great, because if clients and customers cant read your site properly, they will just leave. One of the main elements is finding the right balance between content and images so not to overwhelm site visitors. But it is not all about the outlook and design… a perfect website has no limits and can be viewed and operated on any device such as mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. The usage of the latest versions, updates and continuous maintenance will keep the site performing at optimum level.
A: There wouldn’t be too many initial questions just a few basics. Because when we have the answers we can open a dialog with you the client to better understand your answers and turn your idea into a reality, so it would be questions relating to;
  • What do you want your site to do?
  • Will you sell products?
  • Will you offer a service?
  • Is it a personal or business site?
  • Do you have content ready?
  • What type of audience do you want to reach?
A: It’s quite a simple 5 step process,
  1. We would ask the client to choose a colour palettes – if you already have colours/pallet skip this step
  2. Then we would ask if you the client has any ideas about how you want the design/logo etc to look (remember no idea is a bad idea)
  3. We would take onboard your feedback and improve/change the design item as per you the customers response
  4. We would present the design item(s) to the client and either repeat step 5 or finalise the design item and send to you the client in PSD, PDF, PNG, JPEG, AI, ESP formats.
A: There wouldn’t be too many initial questions just a few basics. Because when we have the answers we can open a dialog with you the client to better understand your answers and turn your idea into a reality, so it would be questions relating to;
  • What is the design work for?
  • What does your business do?
  • Describe yourself in a few words (personal design work only)
  • Do you have any concrete design ideas?
  • Are there any special requirements for your design (size, format, layout etc)
A: It has to be the job satisfaction, knowing that you have helped a startup business grow or expanded an already established business. Because every site is an expression of the owner either personal or professional, and Im able to make it visible in digital platform all of the ideas and personalities, using all the latest technologies. So there are several reasons I love my job, but the best part is the period during the creation of the website… the process when together with the client, a new or a renewed website becomes true and visible.
A: Since my childhood, I have always been interested in the opportunities offered by the internet and computing. I was not satisfied with using them as just a simple user, but I wanted to know, learn and understand their functioning, hidden secrets, all the reasons why they could go wrong, and all the ways to fix it. Actually everything that is not visible from the outside. Before I officially selected this as a profession, I tried myself in different work areas that I liked too, but computer technology always attracted me back. I believe that for the excellent work, the love of work is also necessary. Because the perfect result can only be achieved by knowing, respecting and loving the path that is needed to do the job, paying attention to every tiny detail so that the end result is something we can be proud of and operates perfectly.
A: You should choose us if they want a quality, all round service from site building to customer service we provide it all. We listen to the customer and we work together during the whole process in such a manner that that we create site and storefronts which better suit the business/personal user. The internet is evolving, renewing and transforming every day. Tracking and knowing this is essential in this profession. We always use the latest technology to create and run our websites. Only in this way can we do a perfect job that is not only beautiful and sophisticated looking, but perfectly user-friendly and functional on all digital devices. In all cases, I offer a guarantee for the completed websites. I’m not leaving my customers just because they have already paid their price. Aftercare is extremely important! I regularly review my previous works, updating and maintaining them. More detailed information about this can be found on my website, but of course during the first consultation my clients will be informed about it. No two sites are the same and we are proud to show it. We strongly believe that you will make the right decision if you choose us.
Web Design Packages

Let’s talk about web design!
Having a website nowadays is the minimum and basic feature of your business but also creative expression of everyday people. To build a site is not as difficult as it used to be so why would you need us?

Graphic Design Packages

We provide graphic services to micro and small businesses and to individual entrepreneurs who want a cost-effective but high-quality online and offline appearance for their business.

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