Web Design

In today’s world we will meet people online sooner than in person. So you want to look good on the Internet, right?
The man of today is looking for everything on the Internet. Need a haircut? We look at google. Need a car mechanic? We look at google … Do we buy a TV? Look at google for what others have to say about it … And the list goes on …

So we can see that anyone who does not have a website and does not advertise on the internet in some way loses about 50% of his potential market. How did you come to this site? You’re probably looking for something…

Let’s talk about Your New Website!

Having a website nowadays is the minimum and basic feature of your business but also creative expression of everyday people. To make a web design is not as difficult as it used to be so why would you need C. Site Lab?
First of all we provide a professional service to you the client, creating you the website of your imagination and more.

We are a company that strives to deliver you the customer the best service possible, you imagine it we design it.

We undertake designing custom websites:

  • Webpages
  • Fully responsive sites
  • Ecommerce

Following the necessary consultations, the functions and structure web design starts. After that, we start designing the graphic interface and the actual graphic work.

General steps for making a website:

  • Consultation on customer needs
  • System, function and database design
  • Graphic Design
  • Creating a Website frame
  • Upload full content (Pictures, Texts, Logos)
  • Integration with social media
  • Website testing
  • Introducing the Website and its administration interface – education for its usage

We offer 3 month warranty for every website we create! Any errors that may have occurred on the delivered websites will be repaired within 24-72 hours under warranty in free of charge.

Think about the future!

There is nothing even worse than when you have to face the fact that your website will no longer be able to serve you, or after a while cannot be further developed. You have to do it again! Unfortunately, non-predictive web development companies often make this mistake, which the customer pays for the price.

Each of our web sites can be further developed, modified and expanded with new features as needed.

We will stand by you with our Site Maintenance program, so you can be sure that your site will function perfectly and will be updated continuously by us.

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